Social Responsibility & Safety

Social Responsibility and Safety

Social responsibility

All activities, internal and external, are based on maximum loyalty and integrity as well as respecting privacy.
These are the values ​​that guide us in the daily challenge on the market, we love competition intended as continuous improvement of our proposal in compliance with the values ​​expressed in our policy document and all applicable laws.

In Metal Press the utmost and constant attention is placed on the development of human resources and their professional growth.
The Company guarantees, in compliance with the provisions of the law, the confidentiality of the information in its possession. Some of the Company’s most important and valuable assets are intangible in nature and include all the confidential information that the Company develops in its research, production, marketing and sales activity.
At any time and, in particular, at the time of stipulation and execution of contracts, in Metal Press confidentiality is strictly observed in dealings with third parties.

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In Metal Press, the spread of a culture of safety in the workplace is considered a generator of value for the company.
Experiencing the safety of our management and top management represents the organizational objective to be strived for, a mental attitude that allows us to be excellent, innovative and performing in everything we do.

Metal Press has taken all the necessary measures to implement a prevention and protection system for its production site and its workers.
Constant commitment in the training of operational, technical and commercial staff. The presence in our staff of highly qualified managers in training and “safety coaching” allows us to measure, within the company, the perceived safety climate with appropriate indicators (KPI):

  • The priority that is given to safety within the organization
  • The quality of communication
  • The presence of safety rules
  • Support and encouragement of the business environment to safe behaviour
  • The involvement of safety personnel
  • Beliefs and perceptions about risk
  • The healthiness of the working environment

We are convinced of the high incidence of the human factor as a cause of accidents at work and particular attention is placed on the activities of worker involvement and team building, use of “near miss” and accidents in the sector as a formative moment, sensory experiences for perception of the danger (fire, falls, anomalies etc), simulations and tests in the field.
All third-party operators who access our production site are accredited and trained on the specific risks associated with the actions to be performed.

In Metal Press, the awareness of all personnel on safety issues is always at the centre of every activity.