Components & Cans


Metal Press has been manufacturing tinplate components for over thirty years and is able to provide a wide variety of formats, all of which can be customized with various paint finishes, protections and types of compounds that make them suitable for use in all types of aerosol products.
Test pressure 12 – 15 – 18 bar


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3-Piece Cans

Tinplate cans are optimal for aerosol packaging of all types of products: cosmetics, technical, paints, automotive, domestic, insecticide, food and suitable as cartridges for refrigerant gases.
The wide choice of internal and external protections allows to solve any problem deriving from the contained product.
They are produced with advanced technologies that meet the highest standards of safety and quality, according to international standards and FEA Standards (European Aerosol Federation), available with DOT 2P and 2Q marking that indicates the conformity of the product to the safety standards of the Department of Transportation of the United States and are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.
This makes it possible to obtain highly reliable cans, available in various formats, both tapered and straight, resistant to pressures of 12 -15 – 18 bar and with high quality customizable lithographies.


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For the production of our cans and components we use high quality tinplate, electrolytically coated according to Euronorm EN 10202 E 2.8 / 2.8. Our experience allows us to select the most suitable material for each use.

Tinplate Coatings and Uses

The tin coating provides rust protection and improves the appearance of the sheet metal.
Additional protections and coatings are available to improve both appearance and performance depending on the product contained and the environment of use.

Coatings and their typical uses are listed below.*

Plain Inside

Typical uses:

Solvent based products
Oil paints
Edible oils

Not suitable for:

Water based products
Olive oil

Lacquer Inside (Doré/Trasparent Matte)

Typical uses:

Water based products
Water based paints
Olive oil

Plain Outside

Use in dry environments where the risk of oxidation is low

White Outside

Additional protection against oxidization of the container due to moisture
Also used on most printed cans as the white base coating under colour print

Varnish Outside

Clear varnish provides additional protection against oxidization of the container due to moisture

Internal Sealing Protection

Powder paint for internal welding protection
Excellent resistance to aggressive agents contained in food and sterilization

External Sealing Coating

Whitening of the welding line with nitrogen and protective varnish to meet high aesthetic requirements

* Uses above are suggestions only, customers are responsible for testing to ensure compatibility of containers with their packed product.